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The Soplata Collection: Preserving Planes for over 70 years

September 18, 2019

There are certain things that define an aviation enthusiast. Passion for aviation. Desire to see aircraft preserved, not merely scrapped. Joy in collecting airplanes, whether it’s a collection of planes owned, planes flown or flown in, model airplanes, and other treasures. For MotoArt and its owner Dave Hall it is finding unique or iconic aircraft and preserving them forever with PlaneTags for others to collect and enjoy. This passion, bordering on obsession, drove Walter Soplata to make his dreams of preserving airplanes into reality. 
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Celebrating The 80th National Aviation Day: A Look Back at 1939

August 19, 2019

Eighty years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared August 19th as National Aviation Day. The date was chosen to honor the aviation pioneer himself, Orville Wright, born August 19th, 1871. Since then, it has become a day for celebration in the United States, and a time to honor the development of aviation.

1939 was a busy year in global and aviation history. Records were being set for speed and distance by planes such as the Boeing XB-15 and Lockheed XP-38 .  That year, the Yankee Clipper , a Boeing 314 flying boat, inaugurated the world's first regular transatlantic air mail service, followed soon after by Dixie Clipper’s regular transatlantic flights from New York to England.  The Guba II , a PBY-2 Catalina flying boat, made the first flight ever across the Indian Ocean.

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Celebrate National Aviation Day With MotoArt PlaneTags

August 16, 2019

For avgeeks like the MotoArt PlaneTags family everyday is Aviation Day. Here's how to spend National Aviation Day 2019 celebrating the passion of aircraft and flying

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Curtiss P-40 Warhawk: The Frontline Fighter That Won The Pacific

July 11, 2019

The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter/ground-attack aircraft was one of WW II’s most famous  fighters. The P-40 was easier to build and maintain than the other USAFF fighters at the time, and was in large-scale production such that nearly 14,000 were built by 1944, making it one of the most produced American fighters. It remained on the frontline until the war’s end. Known for its fierce “shark mouth” nose art and its versatility, it was used by most Allied countries. The famous Flying Tigers flew the P-40s in the Pacific theater and achieved notable success defending China and attacking Japan, helping to turn the tide for the Allies. 

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Boeing 727 VP-BDJ: The Original Trump Force One

June 14, 2019

Throughout the long and varied career of Donald J. Trump, he has owned and flown in some of the most lavish planes imaginable. From his Trump Force One personal planes, his Trump Shuttle airline and now his vision for the newest Air Force One - all of them are Boeing and every one of them a luxury plane.  VP-BDJ was one of these opulent flying palaces, befitting a brash and flamboyant businessman.  Take a closer look at the original Trump Force One.
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Inside the Stratolaunch: The United Boeing 747 Behind the Giant Plane

June 06, 2019

It took 8 years, hundreds of people, 2 of the brightest minds, and 2 United Airlines Boeing 747s to get Stratolaunch to its successful first flight on April 13, 2019. While the future of the massive plane and the dreams of making it a reliable air-based launch platform for delivering payload into space are in question, it undoubtedly is now part of aviation history and one for the record books. The dream of Paul Allen and Burt Rutan also attracted the interest of MotoArt owner Dave Hall so when he found one of the 747s at the Mojave boneyard, he knew for sure he wanted a part of it too.
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Ten Awesome Aviation Gifts Your AVGeek Dad Will Love

May 30, 2019

Shopping for a Father’s Day gift or want to get something special for your favorite AVgeek? Here are ten great aviation gifts any airplane enthusiast will enjoy, chosen by MotoArt PlaneTags owner Dave Hall for Father's Day 2019.

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Flying High In A DC-6

May 22, 2019

1967 was a notable year in history. The Vietnam war and protests against it, riots and civil unrest, the Cold War heating up, the race to space and the loss of life in the Apollo 1 accident.  But it was also arguably one of the most creative times in musical history. The Beatles released Sgt Pepper, Rolling Stone magazine had its first issue, and The Monkees embarked upon a whirlwind tour in a Douglas DC-6. Read more about this plane N90739 and the role she played in the history of rock and roll. 
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Howard Hughes’ A20G Havoc: A Tough And Dependable Airplane

May 03, 2019

T he Douglas A20 Havoc, also known as DB-7 (Douglas Bomber) among other names, was a light bomber/attack aircraft used in every theater by nearly every Allied nation during WW2. Because of its superior handling during take off and landing, its ease of use with minimal instruction, and its reputation for being tough and dependable it was referred to as a “pilot’s airplane”. It’s no wonder then why SN  43-22197 was a personal plane of famed pilot and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes. And why MotoArt owner Dave Hall was so excited when he came across this plane.
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MotoArt's Functional Art: MD-80 Fuselage Bar and DC-8 Cowling Desks

April 16, 2019

MotoArt was challenged to create three stunning pieces of furniture for a client in the Czech Republic. Check out the DC-8 Cowling Desks and MD-80 Fuselage Bar that were custom made for a very happy customer.
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SR71 Blackbird: A New Perspective

April 11, 2019

MotoArt shares exclusive photos from the production of SR-71 PlaneTags. The photos were taken during the dismantling of the stabilizer and upcycling the airplane parts into beautiful handmade collectible keepsakes.
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SR-71 PlaneTag: A Keepsake From An Amazing Aircraft

April 09, 2019

The Cold War was an era filled with geopolitical strife. Tensions escalated as changes in leadership, mounting espionage, and the threat of nuclear aggression cast a shadow across the globe. During this turmoil, Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works development team was tasked with developing a strategic reconnaissance plane that could not be shot down. Their work launched several innovative aircraft, including the SR-71 Blackbird, which remains to this day the fastest manned, air-breathing aircraft ever. It was an exciting moment, then, when MotoArt owner Dave Hall found out about an SR-71 in his own backyard.
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