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Lucky Lady III: A Record Setting B-52

June 25, 2020

The first Boeing B-52 entered the scene in 1952 and will remain in U.S. Air Force service through 2040. This incredible long-range, subsonic strategic bomber has played a vital role during the long years of the Cold War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and continues to serve as air support in the Middle East. It has changed over the past 60+ years to adapt to ever changing world events and adversaries but still maintains its original mission of delivering weapons to target every time. Read about MotoArt’s Lucky Lady III, a record setting B-52.
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P-47 Thunderbolt: A Juggernaut Over German Skies

May 28, 2020

The P-47 G Thunderbolt was one of the most successful American fighters of WWII.  The Thunderbolt, also known as the Juggernaut, or the Jug, escorted relentless bombing runs over Germany, battling interceptors to protect Allied bombers. Read more about MotoArt's P-47
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MotoArt’s Military Planes: Saluting Our Mighty Defenders

May 07, 2020

Since our beginning in 2001, MotoArt has created some of the most iconic and influential aviation inspired art and furnishings. Our pioneering designs in aviation art, decor, and furnishings have been featured in magazines and films, and in homes and businesses world wide. In 2015, we changed the game again by offering PlaneTags, which brought the joy of owning parts of amazing aircraft to everyone. We salute our military aircraft and offer a closer look at these incredible planes.
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Thai Airways 747: Culture and Hospitality On Board

March 12, 2020

MotoArt preserves a beautiful Thai Airways 747. Read about the airline and the symbolism behind the livery.
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The Handley Page Victor: A V-Bomber That Delivered

February 20, 2020

The Handley Page Victor, the last of the British V-Bombers, entered the Cold War fray during the ’50s and served with the RAF years beyond the lifetime of the manufacturer itself. One of them, XL191 RAF, faithfully flew with the 55 Squadron as an aerial fuel tanker. Read more about this dramatic, fantastic looking plane then add Handley Page Victor K2 PlaneTags to your collection. 

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ANA’s 767: The $71 Million Dollar Plane

January 30, 2020

Read about All Nippon Airways' Boeing 767-300 #JA8568 and the history behind Japan's largest airline. Get your own ANA 767 PlaneTags for your collection.
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Promo Codes For PlaneTags

January 17, 2020

Looking for the best discount codes on PlaneTags? Here are the best ways to save money on the best aviation collectibles.
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Celebrating the New Year With a 727

January 09, 2020

Read about an amazing airplane - a 727 that crossed the globe to transport rockstars U2 while on their Elevation Tour, the Los Angeles King hockey team as their private charter, Mexican Presidents as part of the Presidential Transport fleet, Northwest Orient passengers, and especially notable - Clay Lacy and a passenger list of aviation greats as they crossed the dateline into the year 2000. Get your collectible 727 PlaneTags and Airplane Window Mirrors from this great plane!
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PlaneTags for Christmas and 2020!

December 16, 2019

Holiday hours for PlaneTags and MotoArt
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Titan II: Peace Through Deterrence

December 12, 2019

The Titan II was an ICBM and space launcher developed in the midst of the Cold War by the Glenn L. Martin Company. While it was designed for carrying a nuclear warhead from the U.S. to the other side of the globe, its purpose was peace with the hope it would never launch at all. Its mission was “Peace Through Deterrence”, demonstrating that the U.S. had the ability to retaliate against a nuclear strike to such a degree that the attacker would be completely destroyed, even if they launched their weapons first. For nearly a quarter of a century, Titan II missiles fulfilled this mission. Read about MotoArt's newest PlaneTags.
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Upcycled Gifts: Green Monday With A Cause

December 09, 2019

MotoArt PlaneTags offers eco-friendly gifts. Shop Green Monday for aviation gifts and savings.
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Giving Tuesday: Aviation Gifts That Give Back

December 03, 2019

Giving Tuesday is also the perfect time, coming right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to give a gift that also gives back. MotoArt PlaneTags offers an opportunity to not only give a terrific gift but one that shares a portion of the proceeds with a worthy cause. This holiday season, why not give a stocking stuffer that will make you and the recipient feel good. 

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