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Sikorsky H-3: Search and Rescue At Its Best

September 22, 2020

The Sikorsky S-61 / H-3 was a heavy-lift helicopter active during the Southeast Asia War years and beyond. It was uniquely equipped to perform search and rescue missions with its armor and armament, pioneering in-flight fueling system, and more - everything needed to put its crew in harm’s way to rescue fellow downed airmen and ensure that our brave soldiers were not left behind. MotoArt owner Dave Hall was glad to partner with Yanks Air Museum to be able to offer a Jolly Green Giant PlaneTag.
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Aeroflot MD-11F: Connecting Cargo With The World

August 27, 2020

MotoArt owner Dave Hall was excited when he found an Aeroflot MD-11F cargo plane right in his backyard. Read about the Aeroflot Russian Airlines MD-11F and how it is being preserved in the form of PlaneTags.
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Messerschmitt BF-109: Luftwaffe’s Greatest Fighter

August 13, 2020

The Messerschmitt BF 109 was considered one of the best WWII fighters and the backbone of the German Luftwaffe fighting force. It was the most produced German fighter during WWII, and one of the most produced warbirds of WW2 with nearly 34,000 produced. MotoArt is pleased to offer Messerschmitt BF 109 PlaneTags , with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Spirit of Flight Foundation’s restoration project. 

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ANA’s Triple 777 - A Jet for a New Century

July 30, 2020

Boeing and the major airlines, including ANA, came together to design one of the most successful, most produced, and one of the safest aircraft ever built. And it was completely designed by computer without a physical mock up. Read about the 777 and its legacy.
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Hawaiian Airlines L-1011: A True Flower In The Sky

July 16, 2020

Spotting a Hawaiian Airlines L-1011 with its bright fuchsia and coral livery and Pualani logo evoked warm feelings and thoughts of luxury travel to beautiful tropical islands. Read more about the newest PlaneTags from MotoArt and get a Hawaiian Airlines Lockheed L1011 Tristar PlaneTag of your own. 

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Lucky Lady III: A Record Setting B-52

June 25, 2020

The first Boeing B-52 entered the scene in 1952 and will remain in U.S. Air Force service through 2040. This incredible long-range, subsonic strategic bomber has played a vital role during the long years of the Cold War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and continues to serve as air support in the Middle East. It has changed over the past 60+ years to adapt to ever changing world events and adversaries but still maintains its original mission of delivering weapons to target every time. Read about MotoArt’s Lucky Lady III, a record setting B-52.
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P-47 Thunderbolt: A Juggernaut Over German Skies

May 28, 2020

The P-47 G Thunderbolt was one of the most successful American fighters of WWII.  The Thunderbolt, also known as the Juggernaut, or the Jug, escorted relentless bombing runs over Germany, battling interceptors to protect Allied bombers. Read more about MotoArt's P-47
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MotoArt’s Military Planes: Saluting Our Mighty Defenders

May 07, 2020

Since our beginning in 2001, MotoArt has created some of the most iconic and influential aviation inspired art and furnishings. Our pioneering designs in aviation art, decor, and furnishings have been featured in magazines and films, and in homes and businesses world wide. In 2015, we changed the game again by offering PlaneTags, which brought the joy of owning parts of amazing aircraft to everyone. We salute our military aircraft and offer a closer look at these incredible planes.
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Thai Airways 747: Culture and Hospitality On Board

March 12, 2020

MotoArt preserves a beautiful Thai Airways 747. Read about the airline and the symbolism behind the livery.
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The Handley Page Victor: A V-Bomber That Delivered

February 20, 2020

The Handley Page Victor, the last of the British V-Bombers, entered the Cold War fray during the ’50s and served with the RAF years beyond the lifetime of the manufacturer itself. One of them, XL191 RAF, faithfully flew with the 55 Squadron as an aerial fuel tanker. Read more about this dramatic, fantastic looking plane then add Handley Page Victor K2 PlaneTags to your collection. 

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ANA’s 767: The $71 Million Dollar Plane

January 30, 2020

Read about All Nippon Airways' Boeing 767-300 #JA8568 and the history behind Japan's largest airline. Get your own ANA 767 PlaneTags for your collection.
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Promo Codes For PlaneTags

January 17, 2020

Looking for the best discount codes on PlaneTags? Here are the best ways to save money on the best aviation collectibles.
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