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Celebrating the New Year With a 727

January 09, 2020

Read about an amazing airplane - a 727 that crossed the globe to transport rockstars U2 while on their Elevation Tour, the Los Angeles King hockey team as their private charter, Mexican Presidents as part of the Presidential Transport fleet, Northwest Orient passengers, and especially notable - Clay Lacy and a passenger list of aviation greats as they crossed the dateline into the year 2000. Get your collectible 727 PlaneTags and Airplane Window Mirrors from this great plane!
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PlaneTags for Christmas and 2020!

December 16, 2019

Holiday hours for PlaneTags and MotoArt
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Titan II: Peace Through Deterrence

December 12, 2019

The Titan II was an ICBM and space launcher developed in the midst of the Cold War by the Glenn L. Martin Company. While it was designed for carrying a nuclear warhead from the U.S. to the other side of the globe, its purpose was peace with the hope it would never launch at all. Its mission was “Peace Through Deterrence”, demonstrating that the U.S. had the ability to retaliate against a nuclear strike to such a degree that the attacker would be completely destroyed, even if they launched their weapons first. For nearly a quarter of a century, Titan II missiles fulfilled this mission. Read about MotoArt's newest PlaneTags.
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Upcycled Gifts: Green Monday With A Cause

December 09, 2019

MotoArt PlaneTags offers eco-friendly gifts. Shop Green Monday for aviation gifts and savings.
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Giving Tuesday: Aviation Gifts That Give Back

December 03, 2019

Giving Tuesday is also the perfect time, coming right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to give a gift that also gives back. MotoArt PlaneTags offers an opportunity to not only give a terrific gift but one that shares a portion of the proceeds with a worthy cause. This holiday season, why not give a stocking stuffer that will make you and the recipient feel good. 

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Best Aviation Gifts Under $30

November 22, 2019

Check out this Holiday Gift Guide from MotoArt PlaneTags: Best Aviation Gifts Under $30. Gift for pilot
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Welcome to Korea: KAL’s Boeing 747-400

November 21, 2019

Korean Air Luxury Liner #HL7495 was delivered in December 1995, amidst the airline’s efforts to reshape itself into an international airline. Its use of Boeing 747s over the years and its expansion of international flights took the Korean Air from its roots as a government owned airline through years of safety issues and even a Cold War target to its current status as Korean’s largest airline and contender amongst top airlines. HL7495 offered globe-crossing flights with world class in-flight meals and state-of-the-art entertainment features that made international flights an unparalleled experience. The remaining two Korean Air 747-400s flew for the last time on November 19th, 2019. Read about it here.
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Veterans Day 2019: Celebrating The Battle Of Midway

November 08, 2019

MotoArt celebrates Veterans Day in 2019 by remembering the Battle of Midway and the PBY Catalina. Read about the role of the PBY Catalina in thwarting the Japanese invasion of Midway.
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Douglas DC-7: Piston Powered From Coast to Coast

November 06, 2019

The DC-7 was Douglas’ last major piston engine-powered transport aircraft. Built 1953 - 1958, it entered the American Airlines flagship service on its New York-Los Angeles route, becoming the first airliner to offer nonstop transcontinental service in both directions, flying westbound against the prevailing winds. N390AA began its career with American Airlines in 1956, eventually being converted to a freighter in later years, most notably with Ortner Air Service in Ohio. Walter Soplata acquired its cockpit and other fuselage sections during the 1970s from the Ortners. MotoArt continues the dream to preserve this aircraft
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Convair B-36: An Intercontinental Bomber That Kept The Peace

September 26, 2019

The Convair B-36 was conceived in 1941, just as the U.S. was preparing for and entering the second World War. Dubbed “The Peacemaker”, the huge strategic bomber had the longest wingspan of any combat plane built and was the largest mass produced piston-engined plane. Although it was capable of intercontinental flight and delivering nuclear weapons, it was never used in combat. Very few remain today, including one, 42-13571, which was added to the Walter Soplata Collection in August 1972. Read about the legacy of the Peacemaker and the late Walter Soplata, and how MotoArt owner Dave Hall will preserve the memory of both.
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The Soplata Collection: Preserving Planes for over 70 years

September 18, 2019

There are certain things that define an aviation enthusiast. Passion for aviation. Desire to see aircraft preserved, not merely scrapped. Joy in collecting airplanes, whether it’s a collection of planes owned, planes flown or flown in, model airplanes, and other treasures. For MotoArt and its owner Dave Hall it is finding unique or iconic aircraft and preserving them forever with PlaneTags for others to collect and enjoy. This passion, bordering on obsession, drove Walter Soplata to make his dreams of preserving airplanes into reality. 
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Celebrating The 80th National Aviation Day: A Look Back at 1939

August 19, 2019

Eighty years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared August 19th as National Aviation Day. The date was chosen to honor the aviation pioneer himself, Orville Wright, born August 19th, 1871. Since then, it has become a day for celebration in the United States, and a time to honor the development of aviation.

1939 was a busy year in global and aviation history. Records were being set for speed and distance by planes such as the Boeing XB-15 and Lockheed XP-38 .  That year, the Yankee Clipper , a Boeing 314 flying boat, inaugurated the world's first regular transatlantic air mail service, followed soon after by Dixie Clipper’s regular transatlantic flights from New York to England.  The Guba II , a PBY-2 Catalina flying boat, made the first flight ever across the Indian Ocean.

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