December 01, 2022

MotoArt brings you the latest PlaneTags release, in time for holiday gift giving. Introducing PlaneTags Pet Series ID Tags.


PlaneTags Pet ID Tags

What are PlaneTags Pet Series ID Tags?


PlaneTags pet tags


PlaneTags Pet Series tags are ID tags for your pets. They are just like original PlaneTags - same oval shape, same excellent quality and laser engraving, made from authentic aircraft skin - but smaller. They come in three sizes to fit all of your furry friends. On one side they are engraved with the plane’s name and photo; the other side is all your pet! 


  Plane Tags for dogs

What sizes are PlaneTags Pet Series tags?


PlaneTags pet ID tag


PlaneTags Pet Series tags come in three sizes:

pet id tag sizes


Are PlaneTags Pet Series suitable for pets?


PlaneTags cat ID tags


Yes, PlaneTags Pet Series tags are suitable your pet under normal use. If your pet likes to lick or chew on its collar, get one for decorative use or get them a different ID tag. Each pet ID tag has been cleaned and inspected for sharp points, burrs, flaking paint, or anything that seems dangerous, but you know your pet better than we do so use your best judgement.


What can you engrave on a PlaneTags Pet Series ID tag?

You can engrave a name and phone number on the back of your Pet Series ID tag. Remember, they are much smaller than the original PlaneTags so space is limited.

  • Pet Name: up to 20 characters
  • Phone Number: up to 15 numerals


What types of PlaneTags Pet Series ID Tags are there?

With this launch we have 3 types of planes available.

Boeing 747 pet tags

Boeing 747 Pet ID Tags are made from the original skin of some very noteworthy aircraft. Fans of the original PlaneTags will recognize the planes these are from.


Airbus pet tags

Airbus A320 Pet ID Tags are made from a former US Air A320 aircraft.


Mad Dog MD-80 dog tag

McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Pet ID Tags are made from the actual aircraft skin of a retired Mad Dog. They are made from a decommissioned American Airlines MD-80.



Use the hashtag #ShowUsYourPlaneTagsPets to share your gorgeous fur babies and their Pet Series tags. We want to see them!

Enjoy some of these photos from the MotoArt family of pets.


  cat ID tag

Pictured: Mia is wearing a Small 747 PlaneTag Pet Series tag in Purple



dog ID tag
Pictured: Nova, the goodest dog, wearing a Large MD-80 MadDog PlaneTag Pet Series tag


large pet id tag

Pictured: Blanca wearing a Large A320 PlaneTags Pet Series tag in Blue


  pet tag for small dog

Pictured: Nellie, wearing a Medium MD-80 PlaneTag Pet Series Tag



pet id tag


Pictured: Nyx, wearing a Medium MD-80 PlaneTags Pet Series Tag