November 22, 2022

Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to buy your favorite avgeek for Christmas? Do you have someone to shop for who loves history or airplanes or loves to travel? You've come to the right place. PlaneTags has you covered, and with our Black Friday sale this year, many of our best selling PlaneTags are discounted.

What are PlaneTags?


PlaneTags are small pieces of authentic aircraft skin, which have been removed from a decommissioned plane then cut into an oval shape. Each one is laser engraved with a drawing of the plane it comes from, the name of the plane, its registration or tail number, and its number in the series. Each PlaneTag is attached to a display card which tells more about the plane and its history. They can be customized on the back to make it a truly personal and touching gift.


what are PlaneTags?


And why do PlaneTags make the best gift for an aviation enthusiast?

PlaneTags can be:

  • Collected individually
  • Collected as a set
  • Used as a luggage tag
  • Used as a keychain
  • Displayed on a PlaneTags rack or other display
  • Given as gifts
  • Traded with other collectors

Who are PlaneTags for?

PlaneTags make amazing gifts for avgeeks, aviation enthusiasts, airplane model collectors, history buffs, aerospace enthusiasts, travelers, pilots, flight school students or anyone who loves the idea of holding a piece of aviation history in their hand. 



Commercial aircraft gifts under $50

Don't miss these favorites under fifty!

best aviation gifts

Military airplane gifts under $50

And one under $55

A4 PlaneTags 



Best Selling PlaneTags of 2022

In 2022, we introduced some amazing new aircraft. These have joined some past favorites on our top ten list.

  1. Delta 757-200 in Delta Blue
  2. Delta®- MD-88 N982DL in Delta Blue - sold out but still available in white & red  
  3. Qantas Boeing 747-400 - VH-OJP - Red
  4. B-1B Bomber 82-0001 - Exterior Grays
  5. MiG-21 Fishbed 203 - Exterior Greens (sold out)
  6. Douglas A-4 Skyhawk 139960 - Metal
  7. Delta®- MD-90 N905DA - Delta Blue
  8. F-14A Tomcat 159611 - Exterior Gray Honeycomb
  9. United Airlines Boeing 747 N198UA - Blue
  10. Messerschmitt Bf 109 W.NR. 610937 - Authentic skin

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Doing some last minute shopping? You can't go wrong with a t-shirt or gift cards!

Aviation T Shirts

Celebrate in style with a North American T-28C Trojan t shirt or an XP-82 Twin Mustang t shirt.These comfortable tee shirts feature the PlaneTags logo on the front and the plane on the back.


While you're at it, pick up an XP-82 Mustang PlaneTag or a  T-28C Trojan PlaneTag (not under $50 but an amazing gift.)

PlaneTags Gift Card


last minute gift

PlaneTags gift cards are digital, which means you can buy them at the last minute and use them immediately. Available in other denominations.