Ten Awesome Aviation Gifts Your AVGeek Dad Will Love

May 30, 2019

Shopping for a Father’s Day gift or want to get something special for your favorite AVgeek? Here are ten great aviation gifts any airplane enthusiast will enjoy.

 PlaneTags Make Great Gifts For Dad

Remember those handmade Father’s Day presents you made for your dad or that your children have given you? PlaneTags are handmade in the U.S. and allow you to give a thoughtful, handcrafted memento from a decommissioned airplane.


1. B-1B Bomber

The B-1B Bomber PlaneTag is a must-have for collectors. They are made from the first B-1B production bomber ever built, serial number #82-0001. There are only a handful left due to Homeland Security restrictions, making this limited edition PlaneTag truly a special gift.

B-1B Bomber

2. DC-6

This DC-6 PlaneTag is a hidden gem that we did not promote very much but airplane enthusiasts are scooping right up. They are made from a Douglas DC-6 that was once an American Airlines Flagship, and then flew high as the tour plane for The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix in 1967. This would be perfect for a rock and roll aficionado.

dc 6 airplane tag

3. Boeing 747

We’re excited about our newest PlaneTag and we’re sure Dad will be too. This 747 is now part of the Stratolaunch, the world’s largest plane by wingspan. It will be released in time for Father’s Day 2019 delivery. Keep an eye out for it.

boeing 747 airplane tag

4. Gifts For A Cause: Virgin Atlantic or Allegiant Airlines

For a Fathers Day Gift that gives back , why not give dad a Virgin Atlantic or Allegiant PlaneTag? With each purchase of a Varga Girl or Queen of the Skies PlaneTag, PlaneTags donates $3.00 to The Virgin Atlantic Foundation , a charity created in 2003 to support the welfare of children and young people worldwide.

  g-veil a340 keychain

Check out this Allegiant MD80 PlaneTag. With every purchase, PlaneTags donates $3.00 to Sunshine Foundation, a charity that fulfills the “dreams of chronically ill, seriously ill, physically challenged and abused children ages three to eighteen, whose families cannot fulfill their requests due to financial strain that the child’s illness may cause.''

plane luggage tags

5. 777-300

This Triple Seven PlaneTag is the newest plane in our fleet. It featured the Tsurumaru or “crane circle” livery currently in use by Japan Airlines. With a typical speed of 905 km/h at an altitude of 35,000 feet, this long range aircraft has the range of 6,000+ nautical miles with a maximum capacity of 550. This handmade aviation memento will please any aviation geek.

aircraft keychain


Give dad a Boeing 727 PlaneTag, made from VP-BDJ, the private jet that once belonged to Donald J. Trump. Purchased in the 1980’s, no expense was spared in refurbishing the flying palace - featuring rare art, Italian hand crafted mahogany finishings, and $500,000 worth of 24-karat gold metal furnishings.

trump gifts for republican

7. A20 Havoc

Our Douglas A-20G is also known as the Howard Hughes PlaneTag because this particular Havoc was once the personal plane of Mr. Hughes. It will make a great gift not only for avgeeks but also those who enjoy history and movies.

retired aircraft skin

8. Flagship Tulsa DC-3

This DC-3 PlaneTag is cut and engraved directly from the Flagship Tulsa, which is in the process of restoration. A portion of the proceeds are being shared with the restoration project at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. It is a favorite of historic aircraft enthusiasts.

flagship tulsa gift

9. DC-9

Made from one of the most popular and successful jet airliners, this Eastern Air Lines DC-9 PlaneTag is a great gift for pilots. Many former pilots have fondly remarked that this was the last plane they flew with analog dials, and that no two flew exactly the same.

gift for pilot

10. Boeing 757

The Boeing 757 was designed to be the longest single aisle twin jet commercial aircraft, and has been called “the Ferrari of commercial jets" and a favorite of professional pilots. This PlaneTag was made from N602DL, which was the first 757 delivered to Delta Airlines, on November 5, 1984. Have one personalized for Dad or yourself.

airplane luggage tag

Special Mention: SR-71

The SR-71 Blackbird PlaneTag is no longer being offered at this moment but there’s a chance you can still buy one for Dad (or yourself) at a later time. Sign up to make sure you are notified when it is available again.

SR71 collectible

An Affordable Aviation Gift

PlaneTags are small and inexpensive but they make a big hit as a priceless aircraft collectible that can be passed down to the next generation. Friends and customers share their photos and stories about the excitement of being able to hold a part of a plane that means so much to them. Or displaying a PlaneTag that evokes memories of a certain time in their life. And the pride they feel when someone notices a few dangling from their luggage or keys. PlaneTags make the perfect Fathers Day or any day gift.