Upcycled Gifts: Green Monday With A Cause

December 09, 2019

What is Green Monday? 

PlaneTags Green Monday

It is the third biggest shopping day of the year for retail sales, right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It falls on the second Monday in December and is a great day for holiday shopping, for both customers and retailers. This year it occurs on December 10th, which gives shoppers 15 days to take advantage of Green Monday deals and online retail sales. Don’t miss out - sign up here to get promo codes and exclusive offers. 


The term was first coined by eBay in 2007, after the company had one of its biggest sales days ever on the second Monday of December. Each year since then it has become increasingly popular as an online shopping day for procrastinators who didn’t get around to shopping right after Thanksgiving, or those looking for last-minute deals. 


The “green” in Green Monday refers to money being spent, not being environmental or eco-friendly. At MotoArt PlaneTags we like to think of it a little differently.  

  shopping green

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Shopping Green

As consumers, most of us try to keep things like conserving finite resources and preventing waste at the front of our minds when we are shopping. Now more than ever, people are choosing to buy products that are made with recycled or upcycled materials as an additional way to shop green. 


/ˈəpˌsīkəld/ adjective (of discarded objects or material) reused in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.


Recycle Reduce Reuse flickr photo by kevin dooley shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license  


PlaneTags Are Eco-Friendly Gifts


upcycled airplane parts


PlaneTags are created from retired aircraft or parts of an aircraft that have been removed or replaced during restoration. After other usable parts are removed and recycled by other companies, we take the outer skin of the plane to upcycle them into PlaneTags, or other parts to transform them into a beautiful piece of furniture or an amazing lighting fixture or other MotoArt aviation furnishings


They are cut, polished, and assembled by hand in our Torrance, California shop. Each one is attached to a display card, which is also made from recycled paper. Every effort is made to use ethically sourced and sustainable materials for everything MotoArt produces, including PlaneTags. 


recycled aviation materials


Give A Green Gift


This year, when you’re looking for gift ideas on Green Monday, think green and give PlaneTags. You will be giving part of an aircraft that was built by hard working folks and flew many miles, and is now preserved for years to come. Shop PlaneTags now. 

aviation gift

Happy holidays from MotoArt PlaneTags!

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