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Best Aviation Gifts Under $30

November 22, 2019

Looking for the perfect gift to fill your favorite avgeek’s stocking this holiday? Check out our holiday gift guide for the perfect aviation stocking stuffers.

best aviation gift


Why PlaneTags Make The Best Gift

Here’s why PlaneTags are perfect for gift giving. They are: 

  • Upcycled from retired airplanes
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in the U.S.
  • No two are exactly alike
  • Limited edition aviation collectible
  • Detailed history behind each plane
  • Great as a luggage tag or keychain
  • Can be personalized
  • Shipping is fast and easy - even international


Limited Edition Varga Girl Christmas Ornament

aviation ornament


Give a gift that gives back. This sparkly aviation Christmas ornament is made from a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-642 registered as G-VGAS. With every one sold, a portion is donated to the Virgin Atlantic Foundation. 


MotoArt T-Shirt  

   avgeek tshirt


Give a shirt that will stand out at the next air show. Choose a MotoArt crew shirt or a special edition DC-3 shirt


Allegiant Air McDonnell Douglas MD80 PlaneTag Tail# N892GA

Allegiant PlaneTags    


Every Allegiant MD80 PlaneTag sold gives $3 to The Sunshine Foundation, Allegiant’s 501c3 that supports Team Members in their critical time of need. 


CH-47 Chinook Planetag #91-00234

gift for pilot


This Chinook helicopter has a lot of stories to tell. It is also among the heaviest lifting and fastest Western helicopters. 


Airbus A320 PlaneTag Tail# N627AW

  Sully movie airplane $24.95

This collectible A320 PlaneTag is from a section of one of two airframes used in the award winning movie “Sully”, based on the  true story of the “Miracle On The Hudson” when Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and First Officer Jeff Skiles landed the A320 (Flight 1549) after complete engine failure at 2,700 feet. Either of these two Airbus collectibles will make a great pilot gift.


Boeing 747 PlaneTagTail# N820SA

747 gift


This 747-200 was built in 1979 for Philippine Airlines and served their fleet for over 19 years, and then was converted to an air freighter for Atlas and Southern Air.


DC-3 PlaneTag Serial# 43-15957

dc3 plane


Taking its first flight in 1935, the DC-3 quickly revolutionized the industry with unmatched speed and range.


Gulfstream II PlaneTagTail# N930LS

luxury travel accessory


Taking to the skies in the 60s and 70s at the forefront of corporate transport, only 258 of the twin-jet swept wing Gulfstream II were originally built by Grumman.


Boeing 757 PlaneTag - S/N 22809

custom luggage tag


These PlaneTags are the perfect aviation memento honoring the longest single aisle twin-jet commercial aircraft ever built.


DC-4 PlaneTag Serial#50851

  wwII plane


The DC-4 became the prime “heavy” transport for the U.S. Forces which carried men and material to every theater of WWII. After the war, the DC-4 became the main hero of the Berlin Airlift. With Berlin surrounded and cut off from the West, airlifting supplies of food and fuel was the only way to keep the population from starving or freezing to death. It is a favorite WWII airplane .


DC-6 PlaneTag Tail# N90739

Monkees plane


The stories this DC-6 could tell! Read more about it here and buy one as a gift for a musician .


Boeing 737 PlaneTag Tail# N665WN     

Southwest PlaneTags


These colorful PlaneTags have become a favorite. Grab a Southwest Boeing 737 gift here.


Boeing 777-346 PlaneTag Tail #JA8943     

triple 7


These Japan Airlines PlaneTags are made from the skin of a Triple Seven and are a popular gift for pilots.


United Airlines Boeing 747 N198UA PlaneTag     

Stratolaunch plane


Our Boeing 747 first flew international routes for United Airlines until it was retired in March 2009. It began the second journey of its career in March 2012 when its cockpit and controls, engines, pylons, landing gear, actuators, electrical, hydraulics and fuel subsystems were incorporated into the Stratolaunch, the world’s largest aircraft by wingspan.


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