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January 17, 2020

Looking for the best discount codes on PlaneTags? Here are the best ways to save money on the best aviation collectibles.


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What are promotion codes?

These are codes of letters and/or numbers that customers can enter on an online shopping cart checkout page to receive a discount on that purchase. They can be used for different promotions, such as free shipping, free products, or a discount on the total purchase or for one item. They can be for a limited time or for a first time shopper, but are generally a great way to save money on your favorite products.


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How do you get a PlaneTags coupon code?


The best PlaneTags discount comes from signing up on our webpage . If you’re on a desktop computer or tablet, just enter an email address. You’ll get a confirmation email and after that, you’ll get a one time discount code. If you sign up by mobile, you’ll enter your phone number and receive a text. Confirm the text and receive a code you can use immediately. It’s that simple. 


15% off PlaneTags


Other PlaneTags Deals


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Once you’re signed up for emails and/or texts, keep an eye out for other promotions. Not only will you get the first discount, but you’ll be the first to get notified about new PlaneTags, pre-sale events - even free products such as the Eastern Airlines DC-9 we offered in December. This is the best way to save money on our items. 


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