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MotoArt's Functional Art: MD-80 Fuselage Bar and DC-8 Cowling Desks

April 16, 2019

MotoArt received a large order from a customer in the Czech Republic. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the hard work behind the build. Check out more bars built from airplane parts.

MotoArt Loves A Challenge

Dave Hall, owner of MotoArt called his team together for one of their regular meetings to discuss the project. “This order needed to be built, packed up, and shipped to the other side of the world very quickly,” said Hall. “As always, we had a million other things in the works but I had complete confidence we’d have it done right and on time.”

Many people don’t realize that everything is handcrafted in the MotoArt studio in Torrance, CA. The team consists of skilled craftsmen who work together to get each build done right. For this order, there were lots of roles to play in producing stunning pieces of furniture for the client.


MD-80 Fuselage Bar

 The bar is created with the MD-80 fuselage as the centerpiece. The fuselage is cut and will later be polished to a mirror finish and have lights.


making furniture from MD-80 fuselage


The bar itself is made with bamboo, a renewable material which is incredibly durable and looks beautiful. Once the piece has been fully constructed, including all surfaces sanded butter smooth and edges routered to perfection, it is completely taken apart and painted.


upcycled airplane parts furniture


The precision painting on top of the sleek wood makes the piece appear as though it is formed from some kind of plastic material. It really is wood under the paint.  Another member of the team gets the electrical components set while others polish the fuselage and add other touches like diamond plate and glass. 


Upscale bar made from airplane parts


MotoArt MD-80 fuselage bar



DC-8 Cowling Desk


shiny DC-8 cowling desk

The DC-8 Cowling desk has been polished to a mirror finish. You can see owner Dave Hall and Milo in the reflection. It is is functional and stylish and features a raised glass writing surface and an equally smooth wood desk surface. This desk is fun and practical at the same time.


airplane cowling furniture


DC-8 Clam Shell w/ ADA Desk



This was a challenge for the team, but one expertly carried out. Two DC-8 cowlings were joined and a wood desk surface was made to fit. This was not an easy task as it needed to fit not only the unusual form of the double cowling, the tapered edges which would allow the desk surface to sit flush with no gaps, and an ADA compliant desk extension.



double DC-8 cowling ADA desk


Note the difference in the cowling in this photo and the finished product below. The finished desk has been polished so it shines brightly.

retired DC-8 desk

retired airplane furniture



The pieces were carefully packed and crated so that there are no mishaps or any chance of damage while en route to the Czech Republic. The client is excited about displaying the pieces at their business.


Get Your Own Retired Airplane Furniture

For more information about a custom functional piece of art for your home or business contact MotoArt.