February 04, 2021

EVA Air was founded in 1989 and quickly grew to become one of the top international airlines. Their fleet of Boeing 747-400s were the backbone of their early global network, allowing them to launch their Taipei to Los Angeles service in 1992. Read more about EVA Air and its 747-400 then secure a Boeing 747-400 PlaneTag in EVA Air livery for your collection.



EVA Air is a subsidiary of Evergreen Group, a transportation and logistics company based in Taiwan. It was founded by Dr. Chang Yung-Fa in 1968, as Evergreen Marine Corp, with only a second-hand freighter, but grew to become a global conglomerate in air, land and ocean transportation and other services. EVA Air was established in 1989 and by October of that year had signed a contract with Boeing and McDonnell Douglas to purchase 26 new aircraft, including eight 747-400s.


EVA Air’s 747-400s

EVA Air Boeing 747


With the same keen logistics details Evergreen Group has operated with, EVA Air was able to get off the ground quickly. On November 2, 1992 the airline took delivery of its first two 747-400s. By November 24th the planes had landed in Taiwan. On December 12, 1992 these two 747-400s launched the Taipei to Los Angeles route. The fleet of 747-400s became the backbone of EVA’s long-haul services during its early years.



Over the years, EVA’s 747-400 fleet included:

  • 7 all-passenger
  • 8 combis - first combi delivered in September 1993
  • 3 freighters - first freighter delivered in July 2000

The airline used the 747-400’s long range capabilities to connect to the rest of the world. It developed and expanded its global network of international routes, connecting Taiwan to destinations all over the globe. After connecting Taipei to Los Angeles, several other long-haul services were launched shortly after including Taipei-Seattle-New York, Kaohsiung-Los Angeles, and Taipei-Vancouver among others. The longest route ever flown by EVA Air’s 747-400 service was Taipei-Los Angeles-Panama. Gradually the 747-400s were phased out of these routes with the introduction of their fleet of Boeing 777-300ER.

With the 747-400, EVA Air was the first airline in the world to offer a premium economy cabin, providing comfortable seats at an affordable airfare. It was also the first airline to feature four cabins on the same aircraft.

EVA Air 747 economy service


Farewell to 747-400

In recent years many airlines have bid a fond farewell to their 747 fleets and EVA Air was no different. After 25 years of service, the 747-400 was retired. The last flight was BR892 and took place on August 21, 2017, a short flight from Hong Kong to Taipei. A farewell ceremony was held August 24, 2017 to celebrate and thank the Queen of the Skies for being with them since the beginning and making them the international airline they are today.


Boeing 747-400

The 747 is undoubtedly one of the most recognized aircraft ever built. The massive aircraft stood over six stories high and at one time was the largest civilian aircraft for many years, holding the record for greatest capacity for nearly 40 years. It was also the most popular long-haul aircraft for decades because of long range capabilities.

Boeing 747-400

  • Boeing 747 400
  • Range 8,354 Statute Miles 13,450 Km
  • Seating 3 Class 416 2 Class 524
  • Length 231 Ft 10 In 70.6 Mtrs
  • Wingspan 211 Ft 5 in 64.4 Mtrs
  • Tail Height 63 Ft 8 in 19.4 Mtrs
  • Cabin width (Interior) 20 Ft 6.1 Mtrs
  • Freight (underfloor) LD-1 6,025 Cu Ft 170.5 Cu Mtrs 30 x LD-1s
  • Typical Cruise Speed at 35,000′ Mach 0.85 565 MPH / 910 KPH
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight 875,000 lbs 396,890 Kg
  • Maximum Fuel Capacity 57,285 US Gal. 216,840 Litres
  • Engines and Thrust Pratt & Whitney PW4062 Thrust 63,300 lb (281.57 kN), Rolls-Royce RB211-524H2-T Thrust 59,500 lb (264.67 kN), GE CF6-80C2B5F Thrust 62,100 lb (276.23 kN)




This 747-400 was built as a 747-400M at Boeing’s Everett production facility and delivered in October 1993. It was later converted to a 747-400F. During its 23 years of service with EVA Air, B-16462 had an exemplary safety record, with only a nose gear collapse while being serviced in 2004.




Photo by Joe Heeney, used with permission

A Queen In the Desert

  EVA Air Mojave boneyard

As airlines retire their 747 fleets, MotoArt owner Dave Hall and the crew have watched them be sent to storage at Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California. The colorful livery of B-16462 immediately caught their attention. “We get asked all the time about making PlaneTags from certain airlines. EVA Air is one that many of our collectors have asked us for so it was really great to be able to preserve this one and add it to the PlaneTags fleet,” said Hall.


EVA Air 747


EVA PlaneTag


EVA boneyard


EVA Air planetag


What made this particular aircraft even more special were some guests who got to take part in the excitement. In December 2020 MotoArt welcomed the moderators/admins of the MotoArt PlaneTags Collections Facebook group for a rare visit to the Mojave boneyard for a closer look at the process. “These guys represent our customers and loyal collectors and we were glad to have them join us. Seeing them taking part in preserving this plane and sharing it with their group was awesome,” said Hall.


MotoArt PlaneTags Collections Facebook Group


Visiting MotoArt Studios

MotoArt in Torrance CA


MotoArt Studios has always had its doors open to the public. In addition to creating PlaneTags, MotoArt is also a premiere custom furniture maker and has been creating incredible furnishings and art out of airplane parts. Guests and shoppers have been welcomed to take a tour if time and operations permit, or buy PlaneTags. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety concerns it is advised to call or email ahead of time.


how are PlaneTags made


EVA Air Boeing 747-400 PlaneTags

EVA Air Planetags combos


These PlaneTags are long anticipated by collectors because of EVA Air’s beautiful livery and the airline itself. They are numbered to 10,000 and are available in solid colors of green, orange, white and gray, as well as a variety of color combinations that are sure to sell quickly. As with all PlaneTags, they are handcrafted at MotoArt Studios in Torrance, California, United States. Each PlaneTag is etched with the plane’s likeness and registration, and is attached to the colorful display card with its history and additional information. They are fun to collect, to use as keychains or luggage tags, and especially to give as gifts.

747 PlaneTags

These are just one of the 747 PlaneTags offered by MotoArt. Their love affair with the Queen of the Skies has gone on for years. Take a look at some you may have missed:

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