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December 18, 2020

Choosing the perfect gift for an aviation enthusiast is not always easy, even if that enthusiast is yourself. Here are the best aviation gifts under $50 in 2020 from MotoArt PlaneTags. Not sure what to pick? You can’t go wrong with a PlaneTags Gift Card



Qantas PlaneTags

Our Qantas Boeing 747-400 #VH-OJP are available in Red    39.95 or White   34.95 and make a great gift for a Qantas crew member or 747 fan. Our previous Qantas 747 PlaneTags sold out quickly so grab one of these while you can.

Airbus PlaneTags

Don't miss these stunning Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321-200 PlaneTags from TAIL #VN-A347.

Gold/Cream    Vietnam-Gold-Cream    39.95
Teal/Cream    Vietnam-Teal-Cream    39.95
Gold    Vietnam-Gold    29.95
Teal    Vietnam-Tea    24.95
Cream    Vietnam-Cream    24.95



These lovely China Airlines A340-300 PlaneTags are made from B-18801. 

Light Lavender    32.95
Dark Lavender    32.95
White   27.95



How about a plane used in the filming of "Sully"? Take a look at this Airbus A320 PlaneTag from Tail# N627AW.

White    24.95
Grey/White combo   34.95
Grey    24.95
Red 29.95


The lovely Varga Girl A340 PlaneTag is even more beautiful in person and it is a gift that gives back.

Pearl White 32.95
Purple 39.95

Another gift that gives back is our G-VEIL, the “Queen of the Skies", a Virgin Atlantic A340

White 32.95
Purple 39.95

MotoArt T Shirt

Get a MotoArt DC-3 T-Shirt for just 19.99 and a DC-3 Flagship Tulsa PlaneTag for 44.95.


Colorful Commercial PlaneTags

Our McDonnell Douglas Aeroflot MD-11F PlaneTags from TAIL #VP-BDR are some of our most colorful.

Blue 34.95
Silver 29.95
Orange/Silver 49.95



Our ANA Boeing 777-200 PlaneTags from TAIL #JA8968 are incredible.

White/Gray 49.95
Dark Blue 29.95
White 24.95


These red and pink Lockheed L-1011 PlaneTags from TAIL #EI-BTN can also make a great Valentines Day gift, but get them now before you miss out.

Red 48.95
Pink 48.95

Can't beat the colors on the Boeing Thai Airways 747 PlaneTag from Tail #HS-TGM

Purple 34.95
White 24.95
Magenta 44.95
Golden 39.95


Check out our Korean Air Boeing 747-400 PlaneTags from HL7495 at 24.95



United Airlines Boeing 747 N198UA PlaneTag was used to make the Stratolaunch.

Blue 29.95
White 29.95

ALOHA Airlines Boeing 737 PlaneTag Tail# N823AL

Orange  39.95 or White 34.95

DC-9 PlaneTag

Eastern Airlines DC-9 Tail #N8990E

Polished  45


PlaneTags under $30

Southwest 737 PlaneTag Tail# N665WN

Blue  29.95


Boeing 777-346 PlaneTag Tail #JA8943 - 29.95



Gulfstream II PlaneTag  Tail# N930LS - 24.95



The Monkees Summer of Love Tour Plane

DC-6 PlaneTag Tail# N90739

Regular-silver, green, mixed, dark, etc. 29.95
Light Grey 39.95


Soplata PlaneTags

From the Walter Soplata Collection: The Douglas DC-7 PlaneTags from N390AA feature an unbelievable patina.




Military PlaneTags

PBY Catalina 39.95


C-130A Hercules Planetag 34.95


PlaneTags make the best Gifts!

PlaneTags are made from genuine aircraft skin and each has a story to tell. Add some to your collection today or give the perfect aviation gift. PlaneTags Gift Cards let your favorite avgeek choose their own and they never expire.


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