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Titan II Missile PlaneTag


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These Titan II PlaneTags are made from the skin of a Titan II missile, specifically from the spacer section used to make the Reentry Vehicle (where the W-53 warhead was carried) to the Stage II airframe.  The material used is 2014-T6 aluminum, an alloy of aluminum and copper that was formulated specifically for the Titan II and not found anywhere else. The slightly golden color is the result of Iridite, a chromium chemical conversion process applied to the airframe to prevent corrosion. 

Pima Air & Space Museum / Arizona Aerospace Foundation generously donated the Titan II materials. The materials had been at the museum for decades, most likely taken from various launch sites during decommissioning or to be used as spare parts.

MotoArt is proud to partner with the Titan Missile Museum, a sister museum to Pima Air & Space Museum, in offering a very limited run of 700.  Titan II PlaneTags can be purchased while visiting this incredible museum or here on own page. The Titan Missile Museum, located in a former missile silo, is dedicated to preserving. the memory of this part of Cold War history and educating visitors.

Handmade Aviation Tags

PlaneTags are: 

  • Authentic - made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. 
  • Unique -  each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical PlaneTags. 
  • Collectible - each one is numbered in a limited edition and comes attached to a display card. Collect them all!
  • Versatile - comes with a durable metal ring, strong enough to attach to luggage or keys or display


Born in a Time of Great Uncertainty

The Titan II was designed to carry a nuclear warhead from its home in the US to breach the borders of threatening nations. Although built to attack swiftly and with unimaginable power, the true purpose of the Titan II was to never leave their strategically positioned silos, but rather to deter nuclear attacks from other countries around the globe. The creation of the Titan II effectively demonstrated – to friend and foe alike – the true might of the US. 

A testament to military engineering, the Titan II represented the United States’ ability to retaliate against nuclear strike, and retaliate on such a level that the offending nation would be virtually destroyed – even if they had launched the first attack. For 24 years the Titan II missiles quietly protected America from their silos below ground, a threat out of sight but never out of mind.


Peace Through Deterrence -
on the front line of the Cold War

The Titan II entered service with the U.S. Air Force in 1963 as an intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of launching from U.S. soil and reaching targets across the Northern Hemisphere, particularly the Soviet Union and China.

Carrying a single W-53 thermonuclear warhead with the explosive power of 9 megatons, this was the most powerful warhead the U.S. had ever put into play. The Hiroshima bomb delivered 16,000 tons of TNT while the Titan II packed 9,000,000 tons.

Originally planned for a service stint of just 5-7 years, the power of the Titan II missile kept it on the front lines of defense for nearly a quarter of a century.


  • Class: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
  • In Service: 1963-1987
  • Diameter: 3.05m
  • Length: 31.3m
  • Launch Weight: 149,700kg
  • Payload:  Single Warhead
  • Warhead:  9.0mT Nuclear
  • Range: 15,000km
  • Cruising Speed:  912km/hr
  • Max Distance:  11,349km
  • Stages:  2


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- Please Note: Due to limited quantities, combination colors you may receive will vary.

*Important Notice – Please Read Carefully

PlaneTags are made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. Because PlaneTags are made from real fuselage, each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical PlaneTags. These variations and imperfections are not product flaws. They are part of the beauty of PlaneTags. As a result, you will not have an option to select the color of your PlaneTag. The images on this website are provided for reference only and should not be used as the sole basis for choosing a particular PlaneTag.

Caution: Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. This product contains chemical-based paint which may cause respiratory irritation if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. Keep out of mouth.