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Custom Aloha 737-N824AL


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Aloha - a warm greeting, and an evocative word of welcome to travelers to Hawaii. MotoArt welcomes the newest aircraft to the PlaneTags fleet - a Boeing 737-200 from Aloha Airlines. Introducing N824AL.

Read more about Aloha's 737 on our blog Aloha Airlines 737-200: Pioneering Low-Cost Air Travel in Hawaii

Constructed as a 737-282, our Boeing 737 was delivered to TAP Air Portugal as CS-TEO in July 1983. It flew short-haul routes throughout Europe for TAP and its charter subsidiary Air Atlantis until early 1998. In March 1998, it was reregistered as N824AL and began operating for Aloha Airlines. In the tradition of Aloha Airlines’ naming its 737’s in honor of Hawaiian royalty or Polynesian navigators, it was christened in honor of Kalaniopu'u, the supreme monarch over the island of Hawaii and Maui’s Hana district during the 1700s. In 1999, N824AL was decorated with a flowered lei painted upon its fuselage to commemorate that year’s Aloha Festivals. N824AL was withdrawn from service in March 2008 and landed for the final time at Mojave later that year, still clad in its Bird of Paradise/Guava Aloha Airlines livery. MotoArt acquired it in 2023 to create PlaneTags. 


Aloha Airlines was a pioneer with its usage of the 737-200. The first Boeing 737 flight in Hawaii was on board an Aloha Funbird. Aloha was also the first airline to use an ETOPS rated 737-200, for over-water flights to Kiritimati (Christmas Island), its first destination beyond the Hawaiian islands, nearly 1,350 miles south. Aloha Airlines later became the first airline to fly to and from the U.S. mainland, using ETOPS certified 737-700s. Aloha Airlines became an all Boeing 737 airline, operating 84 737s in all variants, until operations ceased in 2008. 

Join us in celebrating the Spirit of Aloha with the newest PlaneTags, made from N824AL. Collectors will not want to miss this release and the limited color variants. Aloha Airlines 737-200 PlaneTags also make the perfect gift for travelers and anyone who loves Hawaii and the beauty and culture it represents. 



  • Manufacturer: Boeing
  • Tail #: N824AL
  • Crew: 5 (2 Pilots, 3 Flight Attendants)
  • Seats: 118 Passengers
  • Wing Span: 93 ft 0 in
  • Length: 100 ft 2 in
  • Height: 37 ft 0 in


  • Range: 2,300 nm
  • Cruise Speed: 430 knots
  • Ceiling: 35,000 ft
  • Empty Weight: 60,600 lb
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 115,500 lb
  • Rate of Climb: 2,000 ft / minute


Aloha Airlines ® is a registered trademark of others. MotoArt is not affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by Aloha Airlines ®.

PlaneTags are Handmade Aviation Tags

  • Authentic - made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. 
  • Unique -  each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical PlaneTags. 
  • Collectible - each one is numbered in a limited edition and comes attached to a display card. 
  • Versatile - comes with a durable metal ring, strong enough to attach to luggage or keys or display.

- Please Note: Due to limited quantities, combination colors you may receive will vary.

*Important Notice – Please Read Carefully

PlaneTags are made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. Because PlaneTags are made from real fuselage, each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical PlaneTags. These variations and imperfections are not product flaws. They are part of the beauty of PlaneTags. As a result, you will not have an option to select the color of your PlaneTag. The images on this website are provided for reference only and should not be used as the sole basis for choosing a particular PlaneTag.

Caution: Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. This product contains chemical-based paint which may cause respiratory irritation if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. Keep out of mouth.