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About us

Celebrating 20 Years of Aviation Preservation and History


A Note from Dave Hall, Owner of MotoArt PlaneTags:

Dave Hall


When we started this company - literally weeks before 9/11, in my garage - the idea of creating furniture out of airplane parts was a far-fetched concept that no one believed in. My business partner Donovan and I would haunt the local airplane boneyards, repeatedly requesting clearance to come in. “You’re going to WHAT with these parts?” or, my favorite, “Son, you ain’t ever going to make a living off selling airplane parts!” That was my inspiration to prove that we could do it and create a new market for something we believed in - preserving aviation history and making beautiful, functional art from it.

We began creating our unique aviation-related pieces, each one introduced as a limited edition series so we could make more than one. Our DC-3 Martini Tables, DC-9 Wing Desks, MotoBars (galley carts with built-in stereos), and the Get Bombed Table with a built-in ice bucket were our earliest successful pieces. We soon caught the eye of Maxim Magazine, who gave us a centerfold in 2002 and propelled us to fame. That was followed by countless magazine articles, television and radio appearances, and even an international television series on the Discovery Channel called Wing Nuts. In those twenty years, MotoArt has designed and marketed over one hundred different pieces, including our newest this year - the Twin Beech Coffee Table.

As we navigated through the trials and tribulations of working with all of these airframes, we saw the opportunity to again create something that had never been done before - PlaneTags. We are so proud of these pieces and are looking forward to continuing to preserve and document aviation history. We have over 100 different aircraft documented so far, with even more exciting historic aircraft to “Tag” coming out every couple of weeks. 

Thanks for joining me on this little trip down memory lane and being a part of our success and our story. Here’s to another 20 years!

- Dave

NASA PlaneTags

Watch Dave Hall discuss the upcoming NASA MLP-2 PlaneTags.