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Southwest and its 737s: Soaring to New Heights

March 21, 2019

Southwest Airlines is the nation's largest domestic air carrier, as well as being recognized as one of America’s top companies with the public and its employees.  Exclusively using Boeing 737 aircraft, Southwest has been a profitable business for several decades, and consistently ranks number one among U.S. airlines in fewest customer complaints. Learn more about this innovative carrier and find out more about the PlaneTag.
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MotoArt Transforms A 747 Cowling Into A Grand Chandelier

March 20, 2019

MotoArt was asked by FedEx to build a chandelier for their new location in Memphis, Tennesee. To match the grandness of the building space and the client, the project called for an equally grand fixture. They chose an inlet cowling from a Pratt & Whitney 747 jet engine nacelle and went to work.
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Eastern Air Lines Workhorse: The DC-9

February 28, 2019

The Douglas DC-9 took to the skies on February 25, 1965 from Long Beach, California, and became one of the most popular and successful passenger jets for several reasons. N8990E was one of 81 that powered the Eastern Air Lines fleet and helped make it one of the most successful and dominant airlines for decades. Let’s take a look at why this plane was so unique, and why Eastern, among other carriers, chose it as their workhorse.
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"Flagship Tulsa": A Legacy of Beauty and Innovation

February 25, 2019

The 1930s were arguably the decade that made commercial air travel a household word. The decade started with 6,000 Americans flying commercially in 1930. By the end of 1939, over 1 million Americans had traveled aboard an airplane. The Douglas DC-3, built in 1939, revolutionized transport during the 1930’s and 40’s and is considered by many as one of the most significant transport aircraft ever produced.
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Queen of the Skies: Celebrating 15 Years

February 15, 2019

In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-632 “G-VEIL”, named “Queen of the Skies” by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is releasing a limited edition PlaneTag™ made from the skin of this iconic plane, and donating $3.00 from each sold to The Virgin Atlantic Foundation.
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