PLEASE NOTE:  PlaneTags will ship in random order as chosen from the variations shown in the photos. No requests please.

Embrace the extraordinary journey of the Corsair with our exclusive Goodyear FG-1D PlaneTags. Each tag weaves the remarkable tale of BuNo 92460, a tribute to the skilled hands that crafted and piloted these legendary fighters. 

Get the full story on our blog Goodyear FG-1D Corsair: Exploring An Icon of WWII Aviation


First taking to the skies in July 1945, BuNo 92460 arrived too late for combat but found its purpose with the VMF 314 Black Knights, playing a pivotal role in training missions. Its story continued beyond military service, venturing to El Salvador as part of U.S. aid, and later, proudly displayed at Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Stratford, CT, beginning in 1971.  

After decades on display, it was carefully restored by the Connecticut Air and Space Center, which provided its original skins for these collectible PlaneTags. Now, the legacy of the Corsair is ready to be part of your collection.  

Our Goodyear FG-1D Corsair PlaneTags are a special edition - secure yours now and own a fragment of the past, honoring the memory and adventure of BuNo 92460.




  • Manufacturer: Goodyear Aviation
  • Model: FG-1D
  • Buno : 92460
  • Crew: 1
  • Wing Span: 41 Ft 0 In
  • Length: 33 Ft 8 In
  • Height: 14 Ft 9 In
  • Armament: 6x .50 Cal M2 Browning Machine Guns, 4x 5-In HVAR Or 2x 1,000 Lb Bombs


  • Range W/ External Tanks:1,005 mi
  • Cruise Speed: 197 kts
  • Ceiling: 41,500 ft
  • Empty Weight:8,694 lb
  • Max Takeoff:14,670 lb
  • Rate of Climb: 4,360ft/min
  • Engine: 1x Pratt & Whitney R-2800-18w "Double Wasp"


Goodyear (and Winged Foot Design) and Blimp Design are trademarks of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company used under license by MotoArt PlaneTags LLC, Torrance CA. Copyright January 2024. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

Perfect Aviation Gift

PlaneTags are: 

  • Authentic - made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. 
  • Unique -  each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical PlaneTags. 
  • Collectible - each one is numbered in a limited edition and comes attached to a display card. 
  • Versatile - comes with a durable metal ring, strong enough to attach to luggage or keys or display.


*Important Notice – Please Read Carefully

PlaneTags are made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. Because PlaneTags are made from real fuselage, each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical PlaneTags. These variations and imperfections are not product flaws. They are part of the beauty of PlaneTags. As a result, you will not have an option to select the color of your PlaneTag. The images on this website are provided for reference only and should not be used as the sole basis for choosing a particular PlaneTag.

Caution: Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. This product contains chemical-based paint which may cause respiratory irritation if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. Keep out of mouth.

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    United States United States

    Awesome addition to the collection

    I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a rivet and non-rivet tag. They have a similar finish and are currently my closest to the 1st tag in the series and last tag in the series. Can't wait for the next fighter.

    Logan W.
    United States United States

    Absolutely Stunning!

    The rivet one I purchased is absolutely amazing! Many rivet holes with patina from being outside for many years! Couldn't have asked for a better release! Great job!

    Tau L.
    New Zealand New Zealand

    Yet another stunner!

    Excellent service as always and received the Corsair today. Very impressed and so pleased to have a piece of the history here in New Zealand.

    United States United States

    Beautiful plane and tag!

    Thrilled with having one of these tags! Beautiful aircraft!

    Julius C.
    United States United States

    FG-1D Corsair Goodyear Rivets

    Trying to get this was painful, but I just had to buy it at the right time. And, boom I got the river tag! A minute or few went by, they sold out! Now I was super happy that I was able to get my hands on this tag. When it came in, it had 3 rivets with and a nice patina! Super happy that I got this tag. Worth it too!

    M w.
    United States United States

    Awesome Corsair tag

    Super awesome piece of history. The tag I received is one of the tags pictured in the pile picture of non rivet tags super low number. Half cover in original paint could not be happier. Keep the warbirds coming.

    Kim Z.
    Singapore Singapore


    This release was sold out completely in less then 5mins and that speaks volume. Manage to snag a rivet tag. Such a historical plane. Superb release MA.

    Paul C.
    United States United States

    The Bent wing Bird FG-1D Corsair

    I was waiting with great anxiety for this release due to the fact that I had known about it for over a month but kept my mouth shut. When the time came around I locked myself in the office so as NOT to be disturbed. At noon I pounced first ordering the rivet tag then the plane one. Victory!! Now came the long wait to see what the tag gods would bestow upon me. When the package arrived I was NOT disappointed, one tag was plain metal but the other was fantastic with wonderful color and patina. Most people have said that mine is one of the nicest. All in all I'm very pleased with both the tags and the staff at Motoart.

    Sam J.
    United States United States

    Awesome, Rare Tag!

    I was able to get one of these VERY limited release tags. Although my tag number isn't a low one, 276/340, it has what looks like just a little bit of blue paint on it. I'm so proud to own such an awesome tag!

    A PlaneTags Customer
    Mike G.
    United States United States

    History in a Tag

    I've said from day one that I collect primarily commercial tags with a splatter of military. Well now my collection is 35% military thanks to tags like this one! This Corsair is an incredible release and tag! I love history and this tag is the equivalent of holding history in one's hand! Thanks, PlaneTags!

    A PlaneTags Customer
    Dante L.
    Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

    FG-1D CORSAIR 92460 - Goodyear Rivets

    I have been once on this aircraft, nice to have this tag.

    Rick C.
    United States United States

    Incredible Tag!

    Never thought I would be holding a Corsair planetag, but here I am. An excellent item and certainly a highlight of the collection.