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B-17 Nine-O-Nine PlaneTag Serial# 44-83575



The most widely recognized aircraft of World War II, the B-17 Flying Fortress quickly set itself apart as a robust, high-flying, long-range bomber with the ability to defend itself. The countless stories and photos widely circulated of many B-17s surviving extensive battle damage raised the aircraft to mythic proportions. Nine-O-Nine is owned and flown by the Collings Foundation, who replaced the majority of the wing’s skin after sustaining storm damage. The skin of this B-17 Plane Tag dates back to 1945, when the bomber was first made in Long Beach, California.

Retired PlaneTag

Our B-17 PlaneTag has been retired and is no longer available in our shop. It has been completely sold out.

PlaneTags are Handmade Aviation Collectibles

*Important Notice – Please Read Carefully

PlaneTags are made from actual retired aircraft fuselage, not merely stamped metal. Because they are made from real fuselage, each PlaneTag bears the color, thickness, and wear and tear from the portion of the fuselage from which it was cut and it is therefore rare to create two identical ones. These variations and imperfections are not product flaws. They are part of the beauty of PlaneTags. As a result, you will not have an option to select the exact color. The images on this website are provided for reference only and should not be used as the sole basis for choosing a particular PlaneTag.

Caution: Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. This product contains chemical-based paint which may cause respiratory irritation if ingested or inhaled in large quantities. Keep out of mouth.